TJ “Decipha” Morrissette labors to display art in a manner that represents God’s truthfulness and grace. His goals are two-fold, on the one hand his desire is to teach and train young creatives and millennials, using tools like Hip-Hop. On the other hand, he is led by conviction to engage the world in scholarly and healthy dialogue, that serves to further the Gospel.

Born into a family of musicians and being a middle child, Decipha came to the Lord at a young age, and was immediately singing alongside his siblings for talent shows and church events. Music was the primary way in which Decipha’s family bonded. After attending a Cross Movement concert in the Summer of 1999, in Washington, DC. Decipha began learning the art of Hip-Hop, while studying what it meant to be a Christian. It was through this pursuit of understanding that led Decipha to fall in love with Christian writers such as Jonathan Edwards, Martin Luther, John Flavel, and John Owen. Decipha’s heart was slowly being turned upside down by learning about the doctrines of depravity and grace. Through providence, this led Decipha to discipleship while living in Virginia, Atlanta, then eventually Chicago, where he met Kareem Manuel, and the two forming the group CTZN Collective.

Serving in the area of Gospel-centered urban ministry, for the last 12 years, Decipha has been able to utilized his gifts within organizations such as YMEN (The Young Men’s Educational Network), Children’s Hunger Fund, Breakthrough Urban Ministries, Grip Outreach for Youth and others. Decipha has been married to Jessica Morrissette (a special ED teacher in Chicago Public Schools and a dance class instructor for high schoolers) since 2012, the two have one child (Cheyenne-Carrie). The Morrissette’s attend Holy Trinity Church in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, where Decipha now serves as Youth & Mercy Ministry Director, leading students by way of preaching, teaching, training and shepherding.